About Me

IMG_5361My husband and I own and operate a dairy farm in northern Indiana. I cook, garden, landscape and help on the farm. My passion, though, is for quilts. I enjoy embroidery, applique and piecing. IMG_1437As a hand quilter, I am not able to keep up the volume of projects I produce, so I have started to utilize the skill of long arm quilters.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am a retired 65 yo male living in central Wisconsin. A hand quilted quilt has a soul of its own. Instead of long arm quilters you are very near Amish ladies have them hand quilt for you. I hand quilted a couple quilts and the feeling of the quilt generates a wonderful feeling. Go for the hand quilting. Your hand quilting is wonderful
    Mike the Quilter

    • I’ll be posting again after my son figures out the problem with downloading the pictures from my camera onto the computer. He’ll be here on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll be ready to post again by Sunday. Thanks for your inquiry.

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