All Around Tempe & Phoenix



On Saturday my daughter and I caught the light rail and journeyed to downtown Phoenix. First we checked out the Farmers Market.





The sunshine was very bright. We bought a loaf of cheese bread from this vendor.






Look at the sign in this photo. The cheese is made from Raw Cows Milk! I’m impressed that Arizona allows artisans to make and sell their products from raw milk.





My daughter works on the 12th floor of this building.











The entry door to the offices.






The view out the north window.





We also visited the Phoenix Public Library.





We rode the elevator to the 5th floor. I faced the door as we rose up. I can’t handle heights. This is a picture she took looking down.







IMG_5151While in Phoenix, we checkout the Three Dudes Quilt Shop (of Missouri Star Quilt Co. fame) where I bought some fabric to make a southwestern quilt for the young couple.





The quilt on the pattern was made with batik fabrics but I think the fabric we chose will look very nice. Of course I will have to make the quilt longer. The pattern is for 66″ in length. Since the son-in-law is 6′ 2″ or 3″ tall, it will have to be longer to be able to sleep under.






Palm tree are prevalent in the city but there weren’t any in the desert. I didn’t know there were so many varieties.







I love the smell of rosemary but I can’t never ever get them to overwinter here at home. This rosemary is growing in a flowerbed. It’s been trimmed to give it a rounded shape. Wow! They grow rosemary all year around . . . in flowerbeds!





This is a common bush that I saw growing around the Tempe area. We did NOT see it in the desert anyplace, just in the city.




IMG_5116This lovely yellow flowering bush was growing near the Tempe Public Library. I smelled her before I saw her. I also noticed there were no bees flying around in the blooming bushes. In fact, the only bees I saw were on 1 plant at the Botanical Garden. I guess it was too hot for them.

I enjoyed my visit/vacation in Tempe. I saw many new places and ate many new foods, but what I enjoyed most was spending time with my daughter. She didn’t take off of work everyday I was there. Days I was alone I walked around the city. This place is really walking friendly. (Of course it was nice to walk without worrying about black ice!) Sometimes I walked around the extended block or I walked to the Tempe library. I also toured the Tempe Historical Museum one day and learned a lot about the early history of the area.

I’ve learned there is beauty in the deserts and they are green, just a different shade of green than what I am used to.



Of course I had some hand projects along. I completed 3 more embroidered pieces for pin cushions and I knitted 2 dishrags.



IMG_5146All good things must come to an end so it was with my stay in Tempe. I had flown on a direct flight from South Bend into the Mesa airport. It was dark when I arrived on the 5th, so it was nice to see what the area looked like in the day light. I don’t know why there were 2 police cars parked in front, but I decided they must have stopped in for a coffee break.

I had an uneventful flight home and now it is back to work! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. I look forward to going back again, but NOT in the summer.