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Buck A Block

This is a picture of my Buck A Block projects for March. They will all be trimmed when all the blocks are completed.


The half/square/triangles are made using thangles for accuracy.


They’re still blooming.

My Amaryllis are still blooming.


Part of the pleasure is the anticipation of what the blooms will look like. This bud is just starting to open. What will the color be?


Obviously she’s going to be red, but what shade of red? Deep dark red, bright red red or salmon red? I just have to wait and see.

I never know which one is my favorite. I like them all, my favorite one is which ever one is blooming now.

Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt is Finished!

The binding is sewn, the label is attached. The journey has come to an end.


Here is a close up of a block . . .


and the border.


I was inspired by two old quilts. The first one was made by my Grandmother (Sylvia Jane) Miller.


This is a dolly quilt made by my husband’s grandmother (Celeste Kauffman Hoover) for his sisters.


Even though these ladies never knew each other, they both appliqued the hexagon center to the border and both quilted their border with theĀ baptise fan design.

I liked the the way their quilts looked and incorporated their ideas into mine. I do think using diamonds and triangles to separate the flowers is more attractive. However, if I ever make another flower garden quilt, I won’t use the diamonds & triangles. They were much more time consuming to sew than hexagons.

Another Project Sewn

This year I’m trying to complete some of the kits I have purchased over the years. This top isĀ Let it Snow by Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts.


I probably purchased this kit at least 5 years ago. It’s interesting how my tastes have changed over that time period. This is a pretty design, but I wouldn’t buy it now. It’s dreary looking, like winter in northern Indiana. I want color in my quilts now! This will be machine quilted and make a wonderful gift for someone.

First Day of Spring!

Today is the spring equinox. Nothing is growing, the ground is so cold and frozen. I often have rhubarb by now, it may not be tall, but I cut it anyway and make rhubarb custard dessert in celebration of spring. This year I had to improvise; I used frozen rhubarb from last year, served with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and a splash of Golden Guernsey cream. Springtime delight!