Milk Pickup

The milk truck comes every other day and picks up our milk.

IMG_4247He pulls up beside the milk house .  .  .

IMG_4248And opens the back of the tanker.

IMG_4249The milkman pulls out the hose and places it through the hose port into the milk house. The black electric cord powers the pump which pumps the milk out of the tank.

IMG_4251The milk travels through the pipeline into the bulk tank.

IMG_4245See the hook up on the left bottom of the tank?  This hooks up to the hose.

IMG_4250You turn the lever straight with the hose and the milk pours into the hose. After the milk is all out of the tank, the milkman hoses the tank out and hooks up the tank washer.

IMG_4252There is a metal wand that inserts into the tank. This sprays high pressure soapy water to every inch of the inside of the tank, then repeats with an acid rinse.

We’ve started the evening milking now and the tank has started to fill again with milk. The stirrer blends the milk as it comes into the tank so it is evenly cooled. The milk must be cooled to 38* within 1 hour of completion of milking.