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Block of the Month Catch Up

We had some rainy days, so I worked on BOM projects to get caught up for June.

First is the Buck A Block. I took it apart one evening, so it was ready to be resewn. Six of the baskets have a brown square at the top. One basket is going to have to be set into the brown setting triangles. I don’t like it that way, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. Anyway, here is what I’ve completed so far. I’m halfway done!

IMG_4237Then I sewed the last 2 blocks for the Pumpkinvine BOM. I had selected the fabrics I want to use earlier so I could quickly cut them out and sew them.

IMG_4235I have the 12 blocks arranged on the floor. The next rainy day, I’ll cut the sashing fabric for the center.

Just the Country Thread block was left, or I should really say blocks: four blocks, one 16″ and three 8″. I sewed the 16″ block. (It has 4 neutral colored filler blocks on the one side.) I cut the pieces for the three 8″ blocks and sewed them the next day.

IMG_4236I really like these stars. Wouldn’t a quilt with several of the large stars look beautiful? Maybe someday.


Milk Pickup

The milk truck comes every other day and picks up our milk.

IMG_4247He pulls up beside the milk house .  .  .

IMG_4248And opens the back of the tanker.

IMG_4249The milkman pulls out the hose and places it through the hose port into the milk house. The black electric cord powers the pump which pumps the milk out of the tank.

IMG_4251The milk travels through the pipeline into the bulk tank.

IMG_4245See the hook up on the left bottom of the tank?  This hooks up to the hose.

IMG_4250You turn the lever straight with the hose and the milk pours into the hose. After the milk is all out of the tank, the milkman hoses the tank out and hooks up the tank washer.

IMG_4252There is a metal wand that inserts into the tank. This sprays high pressure soapy water to every inch of the inside of the tank, then repeats with an acid rinse.

We’ve started the evening milking now and the tank has started to fill again with milk. The stirrer blends the milk as it comes into the tank so it is evenly cooled. The milk must be cooled to 38* within 1 hour of completion of milking.


Buck A Block

These are the alternate blocks and setting triangles for the Buck A Block project.

IMG_4144I’ve sewn part of the blocks together. When I have June’s block completed, I’ll be half-finished with this project.

IMG_4145I think I’ll take this apart and redo it. I don’t like the brown squares running into the setting triangles. If I don’t rework this project, I just won’t be satisfied. I’ll show you the difference when I’ve completed the change.

The Flowers

The flowers are starting to bloom and there is so much color. Here is columbine, this year she has short stems.

IMG_4153The yellow iris . . .

IMG_4151And the lavender.

IMG_4156The Impatiens are starting to spread in their flower beds and the hostas are growing.

IMG_4149The violas just keep on smiling in their pots.

IMG_4148These little white flowers are blooming in the shade of the big oak tree.


And of course it wouldn’t be spring without the peonies.



Wireman was made in art class by son #2 and has been standing vigil in this flowerbed since May 1999.


Fussy Cut Fridays

This is the fabric;

IMG_3997Here are the stars;

IMG_4012IMG_4013and this is what the fabric looks like after I’ve fussy cut the diamonds.

IMG_3998There might be more stars coming from this fabric. I’m sewing the stars along with Fussy Cut Friday at the Temecula Quilt Company.  I don’t know why the heading doesn’t appear on some of my Fussy Friday posts, I guess that is just one of the mysteries of life.

The Feed Truck

Here comes the feed truck.

IMG_4179He deliveries 3 tons of cow feed approximately every ten days. He pulls up beside the feed room and moves the auger over the feed door in the roof.

IMG_4180When the door is opened and the auger positioned correctly, he starts to unload the feed.

IMG_4181The feed consists of ground corn, oats, protein pellets, minerals and molasses.  I shovel the feed into the feed cart and feed the grain to the cows.

IMG_4211This is Sheba the cat. She enjoys riding on the feed cart.

I walk in on the right side of the cows and place their feed in the manger.