Garden Harvests

The garlic has been harvested. I dug the cloves with a fork and cut off the tops. Then they were washed in water and the top layer of paper was peeled off. After drying in the sun, they are now drying in the garage on a cloth. I will leave them there for several weeks. It was a pretty good harvest.

IMG_4424This is a 2 gallon pail of garlic, it couldn’t hold all of the harvest. After the garlic has dried, I’ll select the 20 largest heads to  be saved for planting this fall. I always save garlic for the cooking I use and give the rest away.

The green beans have been growing and I have been freezing them for winter.


We are eating the the potatoes.

IMG_4433Over 40  3/4quart boxes (or 3 cup boxes) of broccoli are in the freezer.

IMG_4446The onion stalks have fallen over and are ready to be harvested.


3 thoughts on “Garden Harvests

  1. Wonderful pay off for a lot of work. What a good feeling it must be to know you have all that food ready for winter.

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