Block of the Month Projects

I’ve sewn the October Country Threads BOM. This was more challenging than I thought it was going to be. I had it completed, then looked at the pattern again. It was pieced incorrectly! It isn’t symmetrical and that is how I had sewn it. So, out came the seam ripper and apart came the block. The size is 18″ finished.


In September we received the layout for the 2nd section of the quilt.


I thought there was too much gold, but it looked fine when I laid the first section beside it. I don’t know which way I like better, with the first section on top?


Or with the second section on the top? What do you think?


I’ll decide when the 3rd section is completed which way to sew them together. This project is 3/4th completed!

The October Buck-A-Blocks are also completed.


When I started this project back in January, we were given a black and white paper copy of the finished quilt. It seems like this project is taking a long time, so I got out the paper copy and figured the design of the last two blocks. Here are the November blocks . . .


And the December blocks.


The brown and blue blocks contain the extra blocks left over from the other 11 blocks. Scrappy make it more unique.

I’ve sewn the pink and brown blocks together. I won’t get the finishing kit until December so this is as far as I can go with this quilt for now.


I haven’t decided on the fabric for the border for the brown and blue quilt.


I have more of the blue fabric that is in this block,


But I’m not sure if that is what I want to use. I think it might be too dark. At least the center is finished!


3 thoughts on “Block of the Month Projects

  1. Great sewing projects. I’m curious as to which corner side is correct on that block. You get so much done. Thanks for sharing.

    • The yellow block is the corrected view, that is why I sewed it wrong. It is hard to make a block that isn’t symmetrical. I think I liked it better when it was sewn the incorrect way, but I’m not going to tear it apart again.

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