Fussy Cut Friday – the Layout

I have been wondering how I would set the stars ever since I started this project.

Sheryl from the Temecula Quilt Co. blog has set her blocks in a modified Seven Sisters design. I want to do a Seven Sisters sometime, but I want the fabric to be more coordinated than what I’ve used in this project. This is what a Seven Sisters block looks like.


Equilateral triangles are set in between the Seven Sisters blocks.

Sheryl also suggested several settings, hexagons between the stars  . . .


Or diamonds around the stars.


I’ve to decided to with the simple diamonds around the stars and lay the stars in a 6 x 9 setting except they don’t go in an exact 6 X 9 setting. I will use the leftover stars in the even rows, they will get cut in half when I trim the edge.

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