2015 Projects

I like to read other people blogs and see what projects they are working on. There are a lot of beautiful quilts being pieced. One blog I check talks about Slow Stitch Sunday, the idea being to slow down and take time to do some handwork/hand quilting. I’m taking that slowing to heart by putting a twist on it, I’m going to have a Slow Stitch winter.

While I’m working outside in the summer, I often think about the quilting projects I would like to work on during the slower winter season. I had decided last summer that I would start 4 new projects this winter. The first project was the Dear Jane quilt and you have seen the blocks I’ve completed so far. IMG_5017

The next project was a redwork embroidery wall quilt called Red Radiance from the December 2000 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I’ve finally traced the pattern onto my white fabric and the center block is embroidered.

The 3rd new project was the Common Bride quilt by Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts. After closer inspection of this pattern, I’ve placed the fabric and pattern back in storage until after I’ve completed Dear Jane. Really Edyta? . . . cut strips 1 & 9/16th inch wide?

The 4th project was Summer Lake Log Cabin, designed by Judy Martin, from her Log Cabin Quilt book. This quilt isn’t difficult, but I’ve decided to concentrate on Dear Jane and the embroidery project this winter.

Sometimes though, I want to sew and not fiddle with Dear Jane blocks. Over the years I’ve started several scrappy quilts and then, for one reason or another, set them aside. I’ll chose one of them to work on as an alternate project until I’m ready to go back to piecing Dear Jane blocks.

I’m looking forward to a less stressful winter and if I want to take the time to read a book, I’m going to read a book. Who knows, I might even watch a TV program and not do any hand work!


2 thoughts on “2015 Projects

  1. Good for you! The center is pretty. I’m working on a small hand embroidery project also. It’s relaxing to me. I’m determined to not start any other projects until I’ve completed some I’ve already started. Happy slow sewing!

  2. LOL – I have the Common Bride pattern and I made only the center before I decided to use the center as the base of my quilt and then I did a round robin type of pattern adding patch work and applique – it now looks nothing like her pattern but once I got started her pattern just turned me off!!

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