Star Quilt Center, Fussy Cut Friday

I write some of the posts ahead of time and sometimes mistakes happen. You might have received a not yet completed rendition of this post in November, 2014. That was because I wrote 2014 instead of 2015. Now this post in completed and ready for you to read. Enjoy!

I need 3 more stars to complete the center. Two of the stars are ho-hum, but the 3rd star can be arranged in 2 different patterns; arrangement 1 . . .

IMG_4940 Arrangement 2.


The final three blocks. Doesn’t the 3rd star look different? IMG_4942

The stars have been attached to the body, the paper pieces removed and the entire center has been pressed.


Using a Frixion pen, I’m marking a line 1/4″ from the star points on the quilt sides.


To add stability, I’m stitching the marked line. IMG_4948

The side borders have been sewn onto the center, pressed and trimmed; then the top and bottom were trimmed. IMG_4949

Now it’s ready for the final border, I’ll show you that next week.

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