The Swallows

Do you know what this is? It doesn’t look like much does it?

IMG_4122Two days later it looked like this.

IMG_4158If you guessed it was a barn swallow nest, you were correct. We have a lot of barn swallows and they make their nests in our barns. This nest is from the west barn. The swallows that nest in the west barn startle more easy and I can’t get a picture of them in their nest. However, the swallows in the east barn are more tolerant of us. We milk in that barn and they are used to people.

This female is setting on eggs and in several weeks there will be baby birds peeking over the sides of the nest.

IMG_4205Sorry it’s blurry. The reason the nest is white is because we are required by the Indiana Board of Animal Health to white wash the walls and ceiling every fall. This bird is reusing a nest from last year.

The swallows like to sit on the pipe line and chitter-chatter at us.

IMG_4206We also have 2 cliff swallow nests. They make mud nest outside high underneath the roof line of the barn.

IMG_4221You can see the swallows head peeking out of the nest entrance.

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