The Jane Stickle Quilt, Row F

IMG_5171I’ve been working diligently on my Dear Jane blocks  and row F is now completed.





IMG_5172The first 6 rows. When I have row G (7) sewn, I’ll start a second half. When the blocks are all completed it will be easier to sew 2 halves together than to keep sewing a narrow row to a section.

IMG_5173Of course I need to keep you updated on my Amaryllis. I’ve had these bulbs for years and some of the bigger bulbs have grown baby bulbs. Sometimes these baby bulbs break off when I’m transplanting them into the flowerbeds in the spring. I plant the little bulbs and let them grow over the summer just like I do the larger bulbs. When I start potting the Amaryllis bulbs in the winter, I plant a larger pot right away with just the baby bulbs. There are 8 babies in this pot but this year one of them has bloomed! She only has 2 flowers but next year she’ll get her own pot and will have more blossoms.

There are a lot more flowers coming! I’m glad, we still have snow on the ground!


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