Little Snowman Quilt

IMG_5412This is another of the little (17″ x 20″) quilts I pieced last winter. They were fun to make, so different from the big quilts I normally produce. I was concerned that having sewn the snowflake buttons on before quilting was going to cause problems, but it hasn’t.

The pattern is called Snowman Love and was a kit I bought from the Red Button Quilt Co. The border design was supposed to have been a kind of free hand drawn scrolling design. Cute design, but I am not good at freehand drawing so I just picked a stencil and traced it off, good enough. The quilting happened on and off last week. I should be able to finish quilting today.

This has been a busy week, we’ve actually had sunshine every day! The wheat has been combined and we’ve started baling straw. Yesterday morning I mowed down 10 rounds of hay. Monday is going to be an extremely busy day but these are the days I dream about in winter. Summer is my favorite season.

I don’t have pictures from my garden but the green beans are producing well. I pulled all the garlic several weeks ago and the heads are drying in the garage. Part of the onions were pulled last week and the rest are ready to be harvested this week. The new red potatoes are delicious. I’m surprised at how well they have produced, they were viciously attacked by potato bugs early on but have come back and yielded well.

I’ve linked to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday.


8 thoughts on “Little Snowman Quilt

  1. Sometimes I miss having the vegetable garden until I remember how much work it is and then am grateful for the bag of organic vegetables that are dropped off on my doorstep every Tues night.

  2. That will be a nice wall hanging at Xmas time. You sound so busy with the garden and working in the fields. I enjoy making small projects and it is nice for a change – especially when it doesn’t take forever to complete!

  3. Well DUH…… I went back and clicked on the picture to see it close up and REALLY like the work! Especially the border. Well done! I think I left my brain in the bed this morning!

  4. Very cute!
    My garden is not doing that well this year. A rabbit got in And ate all the kale and beans. We have plugged all the holes And he can’t get in now so I hope to harvest some zucchini and peppers sometime soon

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