Quilting Jane, Row G

Row G has been quilted, this means just one more row to quilt! Row G is the center row of the quilt. Remember, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

IMG_0221Left side triangle 7 and block G1. Triangle 7 is stitched in the ditch. I added addition quilting in the center oval/circle and in the zigzag. G1 is stitched in the ditch.

IMG_0220Blocks G2 and G3. Both blocks are stitched in the ditch.


IMG_0219Blocks G4, G5 and G6. G4 is stitched in the ditch. G5 is stitched in the ditch and then I quilted a couple circles in the center but they don’t show. And yes, some of the blue shows through the white. It doesn’t look that bad in real life, but that’s the way it is. G6 is stitched in the ditch, even the tiny star in the center of the star. I also added quilting to the white background fabric.

IMG_0217Blocks G7, G8 and G9. Blocks G7 and G9 are stitched in the ditch. For G8, I added curves in the center which made a really neat star. Then I quilted a small circle in the center.

IMG_0216Blocks G10, G11 and G12. G10 is stitched in the ditch. G11 is also stitched in the ditch but I added a curvy square in the center square. G12 is also stitched in the ditch with a curvy square in the center but it has loopy corners.

IMG_0215Block G13 and right side triangle 7. G13 was stitched in the ditch then I quilted over it with a Baptiste Fan design. RS triangle 7 is stitched in the ditch. The hearts look a little puffed. Very cute.

IMG_0222I have also been working on appliquing another Baltimore Album block for the Pastor’s Attic quilt. Let me tell you, this block was a sleepy one to work on before going to bed. There are 38 of those feathers and they appliqued very slowly for me, I had to fight sleep to be able to work on them!

There are supposed to be two blocks with this applique in the quilt. That is NOT going to happen. I’m going to substitute another design.

All of the blocks I’ve appliqued so far for this quilt have been back-basted applique. It has been easier for me to trace the design on the backside of the background fabric then baste the fabric on the top. I just haven’t had the time to make bias for the other blocks. When Jane is finished, I’ll have a life again and be able to work on some other projects.

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12 thoughts on “Quilting Jane, Row G

  1. Hi, Gretchen. I found your post on Monday Making. I’m so impressed by your work on Jane. The blue and white is gorgeous and so unifying. The appliqué is quite a project also. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you. When I started piecing my Jane, I had several people ask me if I wouldn’t get tired of blue and white. I can say I never did. I love how they look so cool, crisp and clean. I have always wanted to make a blue and white quilt and Jane was a wonderful choice.

  2. Your appliqué block looks great! Seeing it makes me think about how I would like to do something appliqué too. I know that quilt will be as beautiful as all the rest you have made.

    Have a Very Merry Christmas! And a Stitchy New Year!

  3. Your applique block is beautiful. Makes me want to pull out my book and fabrics and jump right in.
    And for those who have not seen this blue on white DJ, it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

    • You had better quilt the DJ you finished several years ago before you start another one! This has been a fun project and I do understand now why people finish one DJ and then turn around and start another. Maybe some day I’ll make another one, but not in 2016.

  4. This made me smile… “when Jane is finished, I’ll have a life again”!
    Jane is a life! And when Jane is finished, you will take on another wonderful enormous challenge!
    Thanks for sharing your progress… one more row!

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